Fall Home Tour



Here in the suburbs of Atlanta, our fall weather lasts about a millisecond and then it’s straight into full-blown winter. But, regardless, I love this time of year. The temps here have been in the 80’s for most of October, but the past week it started to cool off quite a bit, so I decided to finally decorate for fall! Grab your favorite hot drink, prop your feet up and relax as I take you on a mini tour of our humble abode. IMG_20170830_085900_389 20171021_112610-01 This time of year, we go to visit my parents in the North Georgia mountains quite a bit. We enjoy the local shopping, antique hunting, and fall festivals that take place when the weather changes. A few weeks ago, I snagged a bunch of pumpkins and gourds at this little apple house that’s down the road from my parents cabin. You’ll see a lot of these little guys lying around our home. 20171021_112655-01Since I’m getting a late start with the fall decor, I kept things pretty simple this year and used a lot of items that I already own. To spruce up the entry table, I added a fall scarf and a few pumpkins to make it feel more festive. The carved, teak bowl was a thrift store find and it makes a great catch-all spot for car keys, mail and loose change. I also stuck a cinnamon broom over there in the corner. You smell it as soon as you walk in the house and it immediately feels like fall. I’ve also noticed that since I bought the darn thing I’ve had this uncontrollable urge to eat everything in sight! Coincidence?20171021_111347-01To the right of our entryway is our formal dining room. I use the term “formal” loosely as I’ve tried to create a more casual and inviting feel by picking casual furniture and adding plants, wicker and lots of thrifted chachkies. 20171021_104831-02
I’m loving how the tablescape turned out in here. The embroidered runner was a thrift store find and the vintage lace underneath was passed down from my mom. I found the orange candles at the Dollar Store last fall and I picked up the flowers and skull at Wal-Mart while I was out grocery shopping. By the way, for whatever reason, Wal-Mart flowers last foooorever. I love to pick them up on clearance and make mini-arrangements to put out all around the house. It’s a cheap and easy way to refresh any space! 20171021_111500-0120171021_11094220171021_111325-01

I created a little vignette on one corner of our server to balance out the large lamp on the other side. The Fitz and Floyd pumpkin was a gift from my mom and the two Asian vases were thrift store finds (notice a pattern? I’m all about giftin’ & thriftin’).20171021_111040-0120171021_105956-01

Until I find the perfect (and affordable) bar cart, this little table from Kirkland’s will have to do. I added a few orange Dollar Store candles to the cacti glasses at the bottom and added some sprigs of faux flowers to the arrangement at the top.20171021_121634-01

O.K. Moving on… straight from the front door is our living room. I found a huge orange/red colored rug at a garage sale a couple of months ago and it screams fall, so I layered it with our ivory shag rug from Target. I like the contrast and it adds a lot of casual warmth to the space.  IMG_20171021_171622_246
So, something you may not know about me… I’m a bona fide pillow hoarder. Like seriously, I have pillows coming out of my nose over here! My husband thinks I’m crazy but it’s another quick way to refresh your space and I do it just about every week. It makes me happy. So, in this case, I changed out the pillows and throws to more fall-ish colors like navy, mustard, black, white and pops of purple. Oh, and of course, a little leopard print! I really dig lots of patterns and texture, so the more, the merrier.20171021_120604-0120171021_122056-01
I am all about using trays to display decorative items. It keeps things looking nice and uncluttered. Again, I just added candles, pumpkins, and flowers.20171021_121837-01

In going with a more earthy theme, I started a little basket collection over the fire place. I added the mirrors, moose head,  and a fall wreath for a little extra pop. I’m sure it will be changing soon, but to me, the macramé banner is really the show stopper here. An Instagram friend of mine made it and I am SO in love!20171021_122038-01 I still need to clean and paint the inside of the fire-place (it’s a sooty mess right now) so until then, I use a black-framed mirror to keep it looking pretty. The reflection really brightens up the space and gives it a bit of whimsy.20171021_121512-0120171021_120449-01There’s our sweet boy, Max! He follows me around all over the house and usually ends up in 95% of my photos.20171021_122310-0120171021_121725-0120171021_130822-01

The coffee bar in our kitchen was one of the very first DIY projects that my husband and I completed when we moved in our home a couple of years ago. My parents had a very traditional cherry wood dining room set that they were selling and I asked to have the server. I removed the doors (for easy coffee-making access), painted it Benjamin Moore’s Repose Gray, changed out the hardware and slapped a coat of chalk paint on the wall above it. My hubby framed it out with some stained wood and I scored that industrial shelf from Hobby Lobby. Not only is it practical for our coffee-loving friends and family, but it’s also a great place to add personality and change out the décor, depending on the season. 20171021_131140-01I kept the coffee bar earthy for fall and added lots of plants. The pumpkin plate is another Fitz and Floyd piece given to me by my mom, the vintage tea set was passed down from my grandmother and the giant peacock plate was a birthday gift from a friend. Most of the black and white coffee mugs were either thrifted or collected at various places over time. I scored the mustard colored dream catcher off of an Instagram giveaway a couple of months back. I think it fits in perfectly with my fall decor. 20171021_131202-0120171021_130537-0120171021_124336-0120171021_130511-02
I kept the kitchen tablescape really simple because this is where our family eats and does homework the majority of the time. I used a scarf that I already owned as a runner and added a few mini flower arrangements (still using the flowers from that one clearance bundle at Wal-Mart). A few pumpkins and a pumpkin-spice candle were the finishing touch to warm up the space without making it too “fussy”.20171021_130631-01And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed our Fall tour and I hope that something you saw today inspired you. I’ll be sharing a FULL Home Tour very soon so I hope you’ll stay tuned! Until then, I’m gonna grab my fall boots and head outside to enjoy this perfect weather… before it’s gone!












16 thoughts on “Fall Home Tour

  1. Amber your home is so welcoming and so beautiful!!!! I love every corner and every photo. So excited for you on your blogging journey. 💗💗💗 and from a fellow pillow hoarder, I commend all the pretty pillows 😉


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