A Boho-Modern Breakfast Nook Makeover

Have you noticed the more simplistic and modern direction that bohemian style has taken lately? I sure have, and I’m LOVIN’ it! As a result, I decided to be much more intentional with each space in our home. Although my personal style is not super modern, I still enjoy modern touches here and there. I’m also a huge fan of adding unexpected Mid-Century Modern pieces to the mix.

I decided to try this new “modern-bohemian” look in our kitchen breakfast nook. This is the most used space in our home and I decorated it in my short-lived farmhouse phase. Over the years my style has changed so much but, for the most part, this space has stayed the same and it has always felt cramped and a little dark. Basically it was just dying for an update.



I’ve been wanting to re-paint the top of my kitchen table for the longest time and I had just received some beautiful chalk paints from Annie Sloan. I got a little wild and painted the table with Antoinette, which is a stunning pale pink color. Thus, sparked my color palette for the space! If you have never used Annie Sloan chalk paint before I highly recommend it. I’ll be writing a how-to blog post on that very soon.20171103_16152220171111_143926-01

I found a set of 4 vintage Cesca chairs at a local Antique store for $40!!! After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I snagged them and ran! I knew that they would be perfect for our new and improved space. I hung some sheer white curtains, added a few pops of pink to the table and a few plants… and VaVoom! Instant update!



So, you’re probably thinking “what about the coffee bar?”. Well, I said buh-bye to the beloved chalkboard wall. I know, I know. Everyone always loved it. But let’s face it, chalkboard walls are so 2014. amiright? I cleared everything out of the room, got rid of waaaaay too many coffee cups, and then I painted that back wall with Behr Premium White.

Boom!20171111_144354-02It looks crazy different, right? But It really didn’t change much at all. I moved the server over to the right of the wall to create more space for the table and chairs in the sitting nook and I painted it Behr high-gloss white to give it a modern look. The shelf from Hobby Lobby is the same, I just took the wire baskets out so it feels more open and updated.

I really think the biggest change is simply styling. Being much more intentional with where I placed things and what I used made the world of difference. For example: just because you have 50 million coffee cups does not mean that you have to display each and every one of them.


Side note: I’ve gotten a lot of questions on Instagram about where I purchased the black and white shag rug. Believe it or not, it’s from Wal-Mart! 20171111_131017-0120171111_133024-0120171111_144304-0120171111_144233-02

I hope you dig my little update just as much as I do! I’ll be busy organizing, simplifying, and modern-izing the rest of the house just in time for the Holiday’s. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

XOXO, Amber







4 thoughts on “A Boho-Modern Breakfast Nook Makeover

  1. I don’t know which i love the most! I feel the lighter fresher look but i definitely felt the before vibe.. i adore the new look.. and yet it was simple changes that made a big impact. Im going to Wal-Mart to look for that rug! Love love love your space


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