A Boho-Modern Breakfast Nook Makeover

Have you noticed the more simplistic and modern direction that bohemian style has taken lately? I sure have, and I’m LOVIN’ it! As a result, I decided to be much more intentional with each space in our home. Although my personal style is not super modern, I still enjoy modern touches here and there. I’m also a huge fan of adding unexpected Mid-Century Modern pieces to the mix.

I decided to try this new “modern-bohemian” look in our kitchen breakfast nook. This is the most used space in our home and I decorated it in my short-lived farmhouse phase. Over the years my style has changed so much but, for the most part, this space has stayed the same and it has always felt cramped and a little dark. Basically it was just dying for an update.



I’ve been wanting to re-paint the top of my kitchen table for the longest time and I had just received some beautiful chalk paints from Annie Sloan. I got a little wild and painted the table with Antoinette, which is a stunning pale pink color. Thus, sparked my color palette for the space! If you have never used Annie Sloan chalk paint before I highly recommend it. I’ll be writing a how-to blog post on that very soon.20171103_16152220171111_143926-01

I found a set of 4 vintage Cesca chairs at a local Antique store for $40!!! After I picked my mouth up off the floor, I snagged them and ran! I knew that they would be perfect for our new and improved space. I hung some sheer white curtains, added a few pops of pink to the table and a few plants… and VaVoom! Instant update!



So, you’re probably thinking “what about the coffee bar?”. Well, I said buh-bye to the beloved chalkboard wall. I know, I know. Everyone always loved it. But let’s face it, chalkboard walls are so 2014. amiright? I cleared everything out of the room, got rid of waaaaay too many coffee cups, and then I painted that back wall with Behr Premium White.

Boom!20171111_144354-02It looks crazy different, right? But It really didn’t change much at all. I moved the server over to the right of the wall to create more space for the table and chairs in the sitting nook and I painted it Behr high-gloss white to give it a modern look. The shelf from Hobby Lobby is the same, I just took the wire baskets out so it feels more open and updated.

I really think the biggest change is simply styling. Being much more intentional with where I placed things and what I used made the world of difference. For example: just because you have 50 million coffee cups does not mean that you have to display each and every one of them.


Side note: I’ve gotten a lot of questions on Instagram about where I purchased the black and white shag rug. Believe it or not, it’s from Wal-Mart! 20171111_131017-0120171111_133024-0120171111_144304-0120171111_144233-02

I hope you dig my little update just as much as I do! I’ll be busy organizing, simplifying, and modern-izing the rest of the house just in time for the Holiday’s. I hope you’ll stay tuned!

XOXO, Amber







4 thoughts on “A Boho-Modern Breakfast Nook Makeover

  1. I don’t know which i love the most! I feel the lighter fresher look but i definitely felt the before vibe.. i adore the new look.. and yet it was simple changes that made a big impact. Im going to Wal-Mart to look for that rug! Love love love your space


  2. Your home is so inviting….I just love it! So glad to have found your site and can’t wait to see/read more! Have a great week, Cindy


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