Our Boy’s Bedroom Reveal!

This post is sponsored by Ashley HomeStore but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

When my son turned 9, he decided that he was old enough (and brave enough) to switch rooms and move up to our over-sized bonus room on the top floor of our home. It’s the only room on the upper level so it offers lots of privacy for him and his friends to have nerf wars and wrestle… or, do whatever little boys do.

Fast forward a little over a year later, my son is now 10 and we had yet to do anything special in that space for him. It had remained a hodge-podge space full of his dads “man-cave” stuff, old furniture and toys. TOYS… everyyyyywhere. So, when Ashley HomeStore offered to collaborate on a youth makeover project, we jumped at the chance!


The makeover began by clearing nearly everything out of his room to start from scratch. We painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray and added touches of Valspar’s Inspiring Hue as accents. Because it’s such a huge room I created separate areas for different activities and with Ashley HomeStore’s help we added much needed storage for all of his toys.20180328_140137-01-copy.jpeg20180328_140159-01 - Copy

In the toy area, we selected the loft bookcases to go on either side of the window. Each piece has adjustable shelving for optimum storage and right now they’re housing about a zillion tiny army guys. The black and white rug adds a bold focal point, grounds the space and gives this area a separate feel from the rest of the room.20180328_140548-0120180328_140534-01

We call my son “our little artist” because he loves to draw, paint and make things… so a lot of the items that I used to decorate the room are special creations that he made himself!20180328_135709-01 - CopyOver in the sleeping area we received the Javarin bench to place at the end of the bed. It’s super sturdy, has a soft cushion top and houses a ton of my son’s treasures in the over-sized drawer below. We also selected the Trinell Nightstand, Javan Table Lamp and the adorable Jaxith Rug from Ashley HomeStore.

20180328_140409-01 - Copy20180328_140212-01To the far left side of the room we decided to add a proper entertainment area. My son loves video games and having friends over to stay the night, so the DHP Andora Coil Futon is the perfect choice! I’m in love with the mid-century modern style and how it folds out into a comfortable sleeper in one easy step.20180328_135204-0220180328_140242-01-copy.jpeg20180312_141242-01Behind the futon we added a little desk area so our boy can have a quiet space to draw and do homework. The desk was my husband’s when he was a little kid and was in pretty good shape other than some chipped corners. I spruced it up by adding a painted detail on all the edges using the same pale aqua accent color that we used over in the toy area- Valspar’s Inspiring Hue. Again, the walls are decked out with my son’s original artwork. 20180328_134238-02img_20180328_163203_104-01.jpegMy son absolutely LOVES his new room!

I hope this inspired you to have fun and be creative with your own home décor! Things don’t have to be perfect to be special. ♥

The following is a complete list of product provided by Ashley HomeStore: Jaxith Rug/ Horizon Area Rug/ Canvas Wall Art/ Trinell Nightstand/ Javarin Bench/ DHP Andora Coil Futon/ Javan Table Lamp/ Loft Bookcase




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