Rugs With Heart

This post is sponsored by Sukhi but, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


So, let’s chat about this awesome rug company, called Sukhi. Fun fact: the word Sukhi actually means “happy” in Nepali which is absolutely suiting because everything about this company, and my new rug, brings me joy!

I chose this pink beauty. It’s called the Meryem and it’s an over-dyed patchwork piece, hand-made in Turkey, especially for me. The color, the quality, the detail… it’s absolutely one of a kind! It also looks good in every room of the house so I’m going to need your help deciding where to put it!


At Sukhi, there is no middle man. In fact, the first stitch of each rug happens only after it’s been ordered which means that each piece is totally customizable! It also means that their rugs are made with love and are available at up to 60% less than at other retailers. Once my rug was completed, the maker then sent the rug directly to me all the way from Istanbul. How cool is that?!


Sukhi prides themselves on creating jobs for artisans in Nepal, Turkey, India and Morocco. Each one of these regions specializes in a particular rug-making tradition. The team in Nepal carefully rolls thousands of felt balls by hand to make gorgeous felt ball rugs that will stand the test of time. In Turkey they specialize in one-of-a-kind patchwork rugs like mine. The team in India takes pride in their hand-woven wool and felt rugs, and the team in Morocco spend months weaving the luxurious, and ever-so popular, Beni Ourain rugs.


These artisans are provided with safe working conditions, often within walking distance to their homes, and they are paid typically two to three times higher than the regional salary. They are given a safe place to be creative, provide for their family, and take pride in themselves and their work.


I am absolutely over the moon to have found such an amazing company. I think it’s so great to get such a special, quality rug from the actual maker and to know that you are helping support these artisans and their ancient traditions.

Now, the only question I have is… where does this beauty look best?



Rug provided by Sukhi in exchange for the above blog post. I was not otherwise compensated. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

5 thoughts on “Rugs With Heart

  1. Thank you for this lovely blog post discussing our social mission and the quality of our rugs. It looks gorgeous in your beautifully colorful home. We’re so happy you are enjoying it! Xx


  2. I love the vibrancy of your rug… each place you chose came alive withthe color. I especially love it by the bath door in back of the gorgeous panel!


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