How To Add A Bohemian Look To Your Space

One of the number one questions I get asked is…”how can I incorporate a more bohemian look into my home”. Well, I’m such a good friend that I came up with 5 simple ways to do just that! No matter if your current look is rustic-farmhouse or simple and contemporary, you can implement a few of my design tricks to add an updated and boho flair to any space. 20180604_165958-01.jpeg


Bohemian style is all about bringing the outdoors in and what better way to do that than to add plants… and LOTS of them! If you’re new to the plant tribe or if you have a hard time keeping plants alive, don’t worry there are several different kinds of “beginner” options out there. My personal favorite is the Pothos plants. It will grow beautifully in low-light areas, droops when it’s ready for water and is practically impossible to kill. If you are someone who forgets to water, try a Snake Plant or any kind of Cacti. They are both drought tolerant!20180604_165829-01


Layers are such a simple and easy way to add interest to your room. Layer blankets and pillows on your bed; add a quilt to your sofa; If you’re really kooky (like me) add a tapestry to your doorway. Even if your personal style is on the minimalist side you can implement layers with an interesting rug and textured pillows. IMG_20180623_115750_502


Piggy-backing off of layers— the more textured your layers are, the better. Try adding a cowhide rug (faux of course) in your bedroom, a gorgeous tapestry to that blank wall behind your sofa or a sheepskin rug to your office chair. Instead of choosing three karate-chopped pillows all in the same fabric, try mixing velvet, mud cloth and fur pillows. Mix a wooden headboard with mirrored night stands. Add a bamboo room screen and a shell chandelier. You get the point.



Whether you choose to add a gallery wall or you keep it simple with your favorite painting as the focal point, adding art is so important. It instantly makes your room feel warm, lived-in and cultured. What makes a piece of art beautiful is different for everyone so it really doesn’t matter what kind of art you choose as long as it speaks to you and YOU love it. Art does not have to be expensive either. A lot of my favorite pieces have come from Good Will and thrift stores! You can even start a collection of thrifted baskets like I did in my office. 20180531_161341-01 (1)20180531_155458


Or, you can have posters, prints and family photos custom framed. Frame It Easy provided the custom frame for that large 1979 print (above). It’s been in my family for years but outfitting it with a shiny, new, gold frame and double white matting was an easy and inexpensive way to update it. Now, it sits above our mantle with a few pieces of floral thrifted art. You can score 10% off your own custom framing at Frame It Easy using my code ‘PBAH’ at checkout.

(I was provided with product and compensated for the inclusion of Frame It Easy product in this blog post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.)



Brass is back, baby! Boho or not, it instantly adds warm, eclectic vibes to any room and is an absolute must in my book. If you’re scared to take the brass plunge try adding it in with a few small accessories here and there. You can thrift inexpensive, brass figurines at just about any antique store. Fair warning: brass is very addictive. Soon, you’ll be begging your husband to change out every. single. fixture. Just sayin’.

Until next time,


Amber ♥





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