Kitchen Update—with open shelving!

Our home was built about 19 years ago and our little kitchen was really starting to show its age. We had already made a few inexpensive updates but I was craving a bigger change. We were in desperate need of more storage space and our upper cabinets were starting to yellow and separate from the wall. So, one day I casually mentioned taking the upper cabinets down to install open shelving. To my surprise my very sweet hubby jumped all over this idea!



When we moved into our home 4 years ago our laminate countertops were pink with mauve veining and absolutely atrocious. They looked like something that you would find in an 80’s bathroom! So, obviously we painted them right away (my solution to everything). We used Daich Spread Stone Countertop Refinishing Kit  and since it’s held up pretty well, we decided to hold off on changing the countertops this time around. I would like to eventually DIY concrete countertops.

We also installed tile decals on top of the existing builder-grade tile. The old decals (pictured above) are from an Etsy shop called Snazzy Decals. I loved the look for while but you guys know I crave change… and what’s the point of having decals if you never change them out anyway, am I right?


Boom!!!! I am crazy in love with the result!

Other than hollowed out screws and a few holes in the sheet rock, the cabinets came down fairly easy. After my husband repaired the sheet rock we painted the walls Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. It’s my favorite neutral greige and it matches the adjoining living room and hallway walls.


The new tile decals are called Indian Teal and they were provided by BleuCoin. I love that the beautiful pattern and color stands out but doesn’t compete too much with all of the items displayed on our shelves.

Side note: That sweet little picture above is actually an original painting provided by Maggie Visk. She specializes in alcohol ink where she literally lights her art on fire to create the most beautiful patterns.


We purchased the wood shelving from Lowes and used Miniwax Polyshades in Pecan to stain and protect them. We purchased the iron L brackets from Amazon and I spray painted them using Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold. To save money we kept the existing cabinet knobs and I spray painted them gold to match the shelving hardware.


On the opposite wall we decided to keep the upper cabinet to store all of our ugly stuff. One side holds our medicine and the other side stores a bunch of mugs and cups that aren’t exactly display worthy.

Another side note: all of the candles were provided by Barbara at Collectively Curated Scents. They are natural, eco-friendly and smell amaaaazing. Every candle is scented with phthalate-free premium fragrance or essential oils so they provide a nice clean burn.


The other end of our kitchen got a fresh coat of Mindful Gray around the windows. I removed the coffee shelf to display my gorgeous macramé wall hanging provided by Lucy at Macramé Elegance. I’m still on the hunt for curtains to add to these windows. I would like something with a bit of teal to tie-in with the tile decals and add color and interest to this side of the space.


I can’t believe how much bigger and brighter our kitchen feels now! If you’re on the fence about open shelving JUST DO IT! It’s provides a big bang for the buck and you’ll friggin’ LOVE it.










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