Blue Velvet? Yes, please!

This post is sponsored by Poly & Bark but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Last year, we completed our home office makeover (see the full reveal here) and now this tiny space has become one of the most used rooms in our home. During the week, you will usually find me in the office working on my e-design projects and listening to Frasier re-runs in the background. After school, my son comes home and completes his homework and reading assignments sitting at the computer desk. My husband also uses the room on his work-from-home days, barricading himself inside the office only to make an occasional appearance when he’s out of coffee. So you get the idea, we use this space A LOT. With that being said, I decided that the room needed something comfy and cozy to lounge on whenever we want to take breaks from sitting at the computer. Enter Blue Velvet!



That’s what I named our new Poly and Bark sofa. Blue Velvet. For obvious reasons. 🙂 It’s actually called the Inga sofa and I chose the color Space Blue but it’s also available in a sultry Volcanic Gray and a rich Hunter Green. Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous!? I love the sleek, mid-century modern design paired with the fancy luxurious feel that velvet brings. Not only is it pretty and soft but the Inga is really well-made, plush and super comfortable! I love that it can easily seat three people at one time. Possibly four if you’re all thin! 20190124_144619-0120190124_160716-02 - Copy

In order to make room in the space, I shifted the furniture around a bit from what it was the last time you saw it. The turquoise chairs that were previously flanking each bookcase are now sitting pretty in our living room and the desk that houses our giant computer moved to the opposite wall across from Blue Velvet. 20190124_171516-02


Anyway, if you can’t tell, I am absolutely IN LOVE with our new velvet sofa! It’s the perfect addition to our little office. If you’re in the market for on-trend, well-made and affordable furniture, be sure to check out Poly and Bark! They have the best stuff!!

Until next time,





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