5 Ways To Make A Small Space Appear Larger

This post is sponsored by Extra Space Storage but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

You guys, the time has come. Although we have loved living in our current home it’s time that we moved on to bigger and better things… or, in this case, something a little larger and a lot newer. To help increase our resale value I’ve been busy cleaning, decluttering, organizing, repairing and simplifying everyyyyything in our current home.

… and then, there was the guest bedroom.

I used to joke that it was the armpit of the house and it had been on my to-do list for forever. It’s a tiny space that guests don’t use very often so in the past it ended up as a dumping ground for all of my extra home décor items. Anyway, we spiffed it up a bit and I figured out a few things that really helped make the space feel larger. I thought I would share some tips with you, since I’m such a good friend and all.



Tip #1: Keep your space organized and decluttered

The most obvious tip, right? This is really all about storage solutions. I purged a lot of home décor items and the rest I tucked away in the closet and the corner dresser. If your home is like ours and you’re lacking storage solutions then you should check out your nearest Extra Space Storage facility. They have over 1,500 clean and beautiful self-storage properties across the US.

2019-04-17 13.28.57

2019-04-17 13.33.01

Tip #2: Furniture Placement

Typically you want to decide what your purpose for the room is and your focal point. In a bedroom your purpose is sleeping and your focal point is the bed (duh) so ideally you would place your bed on the wall opposite the doorway so that it’s the first thing that you see when you walk in the room. But, in this case, because of the closet doors, the bed could not be placed in the ideal spot. It also could not be placed in front of the window because then you would walk right into the end of the bed from the doorway. Yes, the room is that tiny. So, the bed ended up to the right of the doorway. We tucked it under the window leaving lots of foot room to walk through the space from the entry. We moved the dresser into the corner next to the closet and faced the front towards the doorway. Seeing the frontside of the dresser seems insignificant but it actually makes the entry to the room feel more inviting. Also, anytime you can fit a chair in a bedroom— you should. Even though technically you are taking space away, it gives the illusion that the room is large and luxurious enough to have a sitting area.

2019-04-16 15.23.04

Tip #3: Bring the outside in

This is something I do in every single room I’ve ever decorated— big or small. A beautifully placed plant really helps to bring a room to life. In this case I added a few small plants and flowers throughout the room to give it more of an indoor/outdoor feel. Also, if you can, keep those blinds and curtains open during the day. Extending your vision to the outdoors gives the illusion of a larger space. Plus, a bright, well-lit room is always much more appealing than a dark, dingy one.

Tip #4: Hang curtains from floor to ceiling

Piggy-backing off of the last tip. Just about every room has a window so be sure to accentuate it as a grand feature in your space. I always hang curtains from the tallest point possible. It makes the window appear larger and your ceilings taller. We also have a really fantastic chandelier hanging in this room and the curtains help draw the eye upward to show it off.

2019-04-16 15.22.142019-04-17 15.15.45

Tip #5: Use mirrors and reflective objects

You want a tiny room to feel as bright and open as possible. I placed an oversized mirror opposite the window to help bounce light all around the space and it made such a difference. I also added pops of mixed metals and light reflective objects in my décor to brighten things up even more.2019-04-17 13.32.05

What do you guys think? Such a big difference, right? For more fabulous tips be sure to check out Extra Space Storage’s blog post  “How to Make a Small Bedroom Seem Larger: Tips & Tricks”.

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