Dining Room Makeover

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So, how’s your quarantine life going? If you follow along on my Instagram, then you know that over the last few weeks I have been keeping myself busy at home with small projects and DIY’s but the one project I am most proud of is our dining room!

I know, I know… the new trend nowadays is to use your dining room for something more practical and a lot of the new homes that we toured didn’t even have dining rooms! But for me, there’s something very special about having a formal dining room. Maybe it’s my southern roots but having a well decorated, beautiful formal dining room gives me a sense of accomplishment… like I’ve officially “made it” or something.

Anyway, I purchased my dining table and chairs from Facebook Marketplace months before we moved into our new home and the b&w rug was gifted from Boutique Rugs right after we moved in. (Shop my rug here and take 55% off anything at Boutique Rugs with my code PREPPY55.) The modern glamour yet traditional placement of these items definitely set the stage for how I wanted the rest of the room to feel.

So, without further ado…


The best way to make a huge impact in our dining room (or any room for that matter) is to add wallpaper. I’ve always been drawn to the Chinoiserie style so I reached out to my friends at Rebel Walls and they provided their Chinoiserie Chic Wall Mural designed by the very talented artist Diane Hill. It is literally breathtaking in person. The detail is incredible and let’s be honest, once the mural went up, I could have scrapped everything else and put a cardboard box in the middle of the room and it still would have been beautiful! As a side note, I get asked all the time about how hard the wallpaper process is. If you’ll remember, in our previous home, Rebel Walls provided the wallpaper for our master bedroom. (You can read all about that here.) So, I already had a bit of experience using their product. Every order includes wallpaper paste that you apply directly to the wall right before hanging the mural. It makes it super simple so I highly recommend their products.



Next up I had Home Depot color match the lightest shade of green in the wall mural for the chair rail and below. I may paint over it with a  lighter shade of green one of these days but I’m not in a hurry. I absolutely loathe painting. Either way, I love how intentionally traditional it looks. Again, really bringing home the modern traditional aesthetic I’m going for.


These walls were screaming for some bold, graphic art and once again my friends at Fy came to the rescue! They provided all of the gorgeous prints already framed and ready to hang. Easy-peasy. You can shop those prints here. That extra layer really makes the room pop, don’t you think?


The gorgeous bamboo blinds were provided by Blinds Galore. I have these in all the rooms in our main living areas and absolutely love the natural color and texture that they bring to each space. Mine are called Lanai Gold Luster from the Natural Weave Collection. You can shop them here. Also, just a tip: spring for the cordless lift option. It’s super sleek and clean looking… totally worth the extra $$.



There’s already so much going on so I kept my styling very simple and organic. I used lots of old thrifted items and gifted china and I painted my antique childhood dresser bright white to use as the sideboard. I love to mix old with new… it instantly warms the space up a bit and, for me, adds sentimental value.

MVIMG_20200421_111146-01-01-01 MVIMG_20200421_110021-01

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the lighting. One of the very first things I did when we moved into our new home was change out the builder-grade light and this Joss & Main chandy made all my lucite dreams come true. I paired it with these fun midcentury modern inspired lamps from Amazon. They warm up the space beautifully in the evening.



Well, that’s about it. Now I’m on to my next project….

the kitchen.

Thanks for following along! ♥





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