The Leopard Lounge

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Hey friends! So, our front living room is the very first thing that you see when you walk into our home and ever since we moved in (I can’t believe it’s been almost a year!) it’s been dying to be decorated. Seriously, if walls could talk they would have been screaming at me! Anyway, a few months back, I scored a leopard print ottoman off of Facebook Marketplace and I knew right away that our stark, white living room was destined to become…

The Leopard Lounge.


Aint it cuuuute?!

Right off the bat I knew that the space needed some sort of architectural interest on the back wall. Something to draw the eye up to accentuate our very tall ceilings. I also wanted something that would make the room feel more traditional in contrast to all of the modern furnishings. Some simple picture molding from Lowe’s did just the trick. My hubby had it cut and nailed to the wall in no time and it’s without a doubt my favorite part of the room.

I initially wanted to design everything dark and moody for my husband but when we were deciding on paint colors, would you believe he chose peach? I guess I’ve trained him well! We covered all the walls in Provincial Peach by Sherwin Williams and can I just say, it is the perfect shade of peach. In our space it almost acts as a warm neutral and somehow, I was still able to achieve a very moody feeling space.

Other than the walls, the biggest change was simply furniture placement. I moved our blue velvet couch and leopard print ottoman to the center of the room to make the biggest impact. Pairing the graphic black and white rug (provided by Boutique Rugs) with the ottoman was a bold move but somehow it all works. For balance, I added a group of large black and white art prints to one side of the wall and sprinkled black and white throughout the room.

Obsessed with this view into the dining room. In order to tie the two spaces together without becoming too “matchy-matchy” I incorporated a lot of the same colors and patterns in both rooms. Also, you can’t go wrong with peach and green. It’s a killer color combo! You can read all about my recent dining room makeover here.

I rounded out the lounge with some super cool, velvet chairs. They add a cozy, post-modern flair to the space and the creamy mauve color ties in with the color of the dining room chairs in the connecting space. I added an adorable swan table (thrifted for $10!) for a special place to sit your drink.

The Mid Century Modern hutch moved to the corner of the room. After Goodwill sold it to me for $50, I think it’s safe to say it’s my biggest thrifting accomplishments everrrr! Although I love it, it works much better off to the side of the room rather than in the middle. I added some peel and stick wallpaper to the back to brighten it up so that I can display some of my colored glass collection and vintage teapots. I’m waiting on the second roll so that I can wallpaper the bottom shelf so consider this a work in progress.

So, what’s a lounge without a bar cart, amiright? This one was a steal and it looks so cute nestled under a few of my favorite Fy art prints. It looks so Mad Men… I can’t even!!

Let’s talk about the lighting. The modern chandelier overhead was one of the very first light fixtures that we switched out when we first moved in but it was hardly noticeable. Now, because we installed the molding, it brings your eye all the way up to the ceiling so that the pretty brass chandy can really shine.

The sconces were provided by We installed one on either side of the room, using the plug-in option and they look absolutely gorgeous! I love that they are on a dimmer… it adds such a sexy glow in the evenings.

Here’s the view from the foyer looking in to the Leopard Lounge. Now, I LOVE that this happy space is the first thing you see when you walk in our home. It’s so crazy what a little molding, paint and furniture rearranging can do for a room!

If you’re wondering about the foyer, I have big plans for this space too… so stay tuned.

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