Growing up I was always searching for a creative outlet. Whether it was coloring with crayons in my Barbie books, drawing still-life in high school art class, or giving my friends makeovers as a teenager, I have always felt the need to make things pretty. I also came from a long line of creative women. I clearly remember my mother painting, hanging wallpaper and rearranging the furniture (what felt like) every other day; and my flashy grandmother was always seeking out the latest and greatest in interior design and home trends. Creativity and, more specifically, interior decorating is in my blood but it wasn’t until I got my first apartment that I realized it. I was in my teens/early 20’s and guests were always so surprised when they walked in the door… although, I’m not really sure if it was my decorating skills or the fact that I was a college-aged student with frames for my posters and things to drink besides beer. But, I took great pride in my first little apartment and my love for interior decorating has just grown from there. So flash forward to about a year ago when I decided to share my love for decorating with the world of Instagram. I began posting photos of our home and little projects my husband and I had done here and there and the love, support and inspiration that I’ve foundĀ  through that creative outlet has fueled my passion for interior styling even more. I realize that this little hobby of mine could actually turn into something more! With my supportive husbands push and my sweet little boys enthusiasm (he thinks I hung the moon… and then decorated it), here I am starting a blog. I have a lot to learn (I’m feeling a little computer-illiterate at the moment) but I am SO excited to share my passion, and little pieces of my life, with you!